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Choosing Baby Clothes

It’s one of the most exciting times in the growth of a your baby.  He’s now starting to take his first few steps! It is also the time to buy a perfect pair of baby shoes. Remember that on top of how cute you accessorize your baby, utmost consideration should be on comfort and utility so as to make this experience one of joy for you and your little one.

MATERIAL – Make sure to find one with light, soft and breathable fabric such as cloth, soft leather or canvass.  Soft and light material adapts to movement better and feels a lot like the socks and booties that he has been used to as an infant.  Synthetic fabric traps heat which may quickly result in baby’s discomfort.

SOLE – Flexible and non-slip. Your baby will tend to make awkward steps. The flexibility of the baby’s shoes will less likely cause sores and scratches on his soft and tiny feet.  Having them non-slip would obviously help prevent accidents that might cause injuries.

LACES – Lace-up or Velcro? The invention of the latter is heaven-sent for most parents.  Aside from it being easier to handle, loose laces that could causing tripping has become a thing of the past.  Slip-ons are also a popular choice as putting them on and taking them off takes a jiffy.  Make sure however that if you choose this kind, baby’s shoes are a perfect fit to prevent them from slipping off.

SIZE – Babies grow fast. You might need to change baby’s shoes every one or two months. It is wise to buy shoes that are at least a size bigger not only because you want baby to use them longer and get your money’s worth but also to ensure that his feet will be comfortable. His toes should not be restricted and should be able to move and wiggle them.  Tight-fitting shoes affect feet development as evidenced by those worn by ancient Japanese girls.

COLOR & DESIGN – Bringing baby with you in buying his shoes is encouraged.  For some, they bring baby for the right fit or size.  It is also interesting to see how baby reacts to your picks.  Bright and lively colors may attract him more than the subdued ones that you are about to choose.  He might also recognize those with character designs from the shows or videos you make him watch.  This process may tell you of what your baby likely wants thus making you feel comfortable of your purchase.

Again, more than how it looks, bear in mind that these shoes are meant to protect baby’s delicate feet and comfort should be more for him than for the parent or the caregiver. AND, it doesn’t end in buying baby’s shoes.  Take baby steps with your baby and enjoy this experience with him.