All the things you need to know about babies…

You are a soon to be mother; aunt or sister and you are pretty excited for the coming new addition to the family tree. Of course there will be celebrations and christenings that can really make you worry about presents.

You don’t want to give just any gift because whatever happens, you want to be unique as possible. Well, why not try to get creative and gift your new baby or new niece a personalized baby blanket!

It is always a good idea to be different when it comes to giving presents. This will ensure that you are going to be remembered and it will make the occasion extra special. Also, you can put a personal stamp on the item and make sure your niece; daughter, son or sibling can have a piece that connects to you.

It’s not that difficult to get creative and original when creating a baby blanket. You don’t’ have to be an expert seamstress or be really good at stitching things. You just need to choose what type of fabric you want the blanket to be. There are different types of course you can choose from. There are cotton types which can be soft and fluffy but hardly as sturdy as the woolen type of cloth. Still, cotton is cheaper and lighter than the other.

Once you select the fabric, you can go to the textile section of your nearest mall and select a cut of cotton that has designs or in plain colors. You can even pick a color that will match the baby’s nursery.

To be even more original, you can buy a selection of dyes and then tie dye the cloth to make an array of wonderful color combinations.

Another great idea that you can do to personalize a blanket is to actually make a quilt. You can choose different kinds of things to stitch on like probably a picture or a great quote.

You can even stitch on different family members to make a collage of the whole family tree so that when the baby grows up, you can have it framed as a good reminder of everyone in the family. You can also put cartoon pictures and famous Disney characters to make it more festive.

Most people when they think “personalized” consider putting the recipient’s name on or letters of the baby’s initials. You can do that and incorporate it into the design. You can even include names of his or her siblings or cousins.

But if you want to stitch in or have the letters stitched in, you can bring it to a dressmaker or buy one of those iron-on clothing sticker to create a name across the blanket.


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